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Time Runner
Book 2: Coming soon. Nathaniel Remington is a normal thirteen-year-old boy the day he's playing a trick on his twin Rose, and inadvertently steps into a gateway to the past. He's lived his entire life in the Catskill mountains and recognizes his surroundings but something, everything feels different. Nate runs through the woods to his home, but finds instead an empty clearing.

Finding shelter in a small building on a hillside, he's discovered when a man and horse enter the stable. Standing before him is his dad, or someone who looks like his dad. The man denies ever being married or having any children. Nate tries to unra vel the dynamics of his parent's history, only to realize he's landed in an alternate universe where his parents never ended up together.

Nate realizes he must help his dad change history because if he doesn't, he and his twin sister may not even exist.

OpenDyslexic eBooks

These special editions of my romances use the OpenDyslexic typeface developed by Abelardo Gonzalez. Info HERE.

These eBooks have been formatted to include a special typeface that may assist readers who have a developmental reading disorder (DRD or Dyslexia). The open source font, OpenDyslexic by Abelardo Gonzalez, utilizes weighting at the bottom of many characters in an effort to prevent letter inversion while reinforcing the line of text. This typeface modification technique has been shown to increase reading accuracy for some forms of DRD, but not all. For more information, visit dyslexicfonts.com.

My Romantic Short Stories "Two Babies, A Cowboy and Sara" and "Deception" are now available in this OpenDyslexic font as eBooks. YA "Time Chaser" is also available in paperback format on Amazon.

The excerpts are 13 pt. font and so are the books for purchase to the right on Gumroad.

Click each cover to read excerpt in OpenDyslexic free gravity font.


Time Chaser
Book 1: Fourteen-year-old William Remington comes from a long line of time travelers ... he just doesn't know it yet.

After finding an old tapestry that his father tried to burn, William is shocked by what the tapestry reveals. It shows him a life he knows nothing about. His own life. When he's sucked into Middle Ages England, he must learn to survive on his wits.

There he meets Trea, a girl whose mother is captivated and held captive by a sorcerer and his book of spells. Trea has her own deadly secrets which might get both of them killed if they can't find a way out of the maze of time they're both stuck inside. With dragons in the skies, magical horses and an alternate universe, "Time Chaser" is a Young Adult time travel fantasy with a twist.

Young Adult and
Time Travel Adventures