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Short romance 86 pages. Rancher Trey's boss is old, sick and his days are numbered; and he wants to see his missing granddaughter Katharine before he dies. Trey runs a horse and cattle ranch for the old man and will do almost anything for him, even if it means having artist Sacha Fortune pretend to be Katharine.

When Trey walks into Sacha's swanky art show, she sees a gorgeous cowboy and somehow, she knows he's trouble. She's forced to assume the other woman's identity, because if she doesn't comply, Trey will expose her unsavory past to the art world which has so recently embraced her art.

But Sacha has more to lose than Trey could ever guess as she walks a fine line between lies and deceit, and an ex-husband who will stop at nothing to control Katharine's inheritance.

Cowboy's Baby: Missing
Coming soon.

Echoes from the Past
A woman, a man and a child determined to go it alone, until they realize all they really need is each other. Christie is on the run, from her past, from loss, and a sense of failure. She runs to Kentucky to find the sister she never knew and instead finds her sister's husband and little girl. Three wounded souls determined to go it alone, until they realize all they need is each other to heal.

Once and Always
Leading a reclusive life after the fire that subsequently scarred her face and robbed her of a promising rodeo career, Anna is on the verge of bankruptcy. When the man she once loved shows up on her doorstep, buried anger and betrayal surface for both she and Tyler.

Can they go back to the love they once knew....do they even want to go back?

Heart Stealer
Jacie is afraid she's lost her edge. Following an aerial stunt gone wrong and then her fiancé running out on her, she's determined to restore her pride and her life.

Needing time away from well-meaning family, she accepts a skydiving job at Timber Falls. When she meets resort owner Sloan, the sparks fly. He is a man who will tempt her and possibly change her forever.

Wishing on a Rodeo Moon
Tye is a risk taking, partying cowgirl, a bullrider at the top of her game, until the night a bull drops dead and pins her beneath him. Embittered over the loss of her leg below the knee, she needs to redefine who she is without rodeo.

Her lifestyle had lost the man she loved. When solid, dependable Jake offers her a lending hand, Tye wonders if they can ever recapture the love they once shared ~ but Jake wants no part of her returning to rodeo and bullriding.

Contemporary Romance

Romantic Short Stories

Two Babies, A Cowboy and Sara
Short, sweet romance, about 84 pages. When Sara is appointed co-guardian of her deceased cousin's infant girls, their father Lucas is glad to accept Sara's help in caring for the twins. For Sara it's a labor of love and also a dream come true since she can't have babies of her own. For Lucas, having Sara on his ranch is a reminder of how his life could have turned out so very differently, if only he'd met Sara first.

Strong Women
the Men Who Love Them