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Hey! Mr. Logger
Do you know where the wood for the furniture in your house came from or the lumber that built your house? What about those paper towels you use or the paper you write on in school? Come and visit with Mr. Logger so you can see what loggers and tree fellers do in the woods, where wood and wood byproducts come from. You will learn about their tools and equipment in "Hey! Mr. Logger".

Animals in the Woods at Night
There are many animals that hunt and travel through the woods at night. These are nocturnal animals. In this book we will explore the habits of some of those animals, such as the owl, fox, bear and bat which are active while you sleep. The brightly colored illustrations in this picture book will delight your child as they learn about the animals around us. 22 beautifully photographed illustrations of hand-dyed art on silk. This book is about nocturnal creatures such as owls, bears, bats and others!


Hello Guardian Angel
It's hard on a kid when there's scary noises at night and big dogs to worry about. And what about the boogie monster under your bed and the ones that live in the closet? Sometimes you need a helping hand to chase those fears away. Sometimes you can just talk to your guardian angel.

Whispered Dreams of Pretty Horses
Children's picture book in the "Imagine That Kids Series". Dreaming of horses and ponies comes alive on the page! Beautifully illustrated picture book with horses and ponies galore. Gorgeously colored and created on hand-dyed silk and photographed in high resolution. "Whispered Dreams of Pretty Horses" is a feast for eyes young and old alike.

Jack's Amazing Cool, Fun, Scary Adventure
Imagine That Kid's Series. Jack is leaving on a dangerous mission. He has to cross mountains and rivers. There are scary animals along the way. He is pretty brave, but even Jack isn't sure he'll make it safely home.

Bubble Magic
Sometimes Kevin is impatient and he gets mad. He thinks it would be more fun to have everything his way. But what happens when Kevin gets exactly what he wishes for? A little bubble magic.

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Let's Count Baby Hedgehogs: 1,2,3,4
Counting Book 1 to 10 and 10 to 1. Coming soon an interactive ebook version with sound, moving hedgehogs and more!