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Book 1: Pandimora loves the faerie realm Aisywel, but she's a bit of a rebel, has little interest in the rich faerie history, loves to listen in on private conversations and hops portals into the earth realm against the advice of the high elders.

All in all her independent spirit isn't going so well in the faerie realm, but what she knows about herself as a faerie will be sorely tested when she is kicked out of Aisywel and forced to confront a terrible crime by one of her own high elders. A crime that involves the family she never knew she had. Pandimora must decide how far she will go to expose the truth, even if it means she will be forever exiled from the place she calls home.

Private investigator Drew Maddox deals in the hard facts of life, so when a faerie falls in the middle of the highway, his world is knocked off kilter. He pursues the mystery of who she is, putting his human life at peril as he follows her to a hidden world he never knew existed, a world he could get lost inside forever if he makes a wrong choice.

Whisper Me
Book 2: Greyson Maddox's horses are inexplicably falling ill and the vet hasn't been able to figure out why. He begins to hear a woman's voice singing a haunting Celtic song during the night. The only thing is, he's in the middle of a snow storm in a pretty isolated area. Where is that voice coming from, and who is singing to his horses?

Lilja appears out of nowhere, literally -- claiming to be a faerie. Her appearance, combined with his horses gradually recovering their health, will challenge everything Greyson knows about life...or thought he knew.

Hear Me
Book 3 : Heir to high lord of the faeries, Kirklas has managed to escape the living hell he's been exiled to for the last 10 human years. Upon his return home to Aisywel, everything is changed. Beset with civil unrest, Aisywel is in turmoil and everyone he loved is gone, and with them any hope for answers. Can he set aside the thirst for revenge or will he follow that road to its bitter end? A road that may well destroy him and the life he once hoped for.


Fantasy -
Where Fae and Human Meet